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Earth Floors to Fitted Carpets
Mere Brow Local History Society - August 1990
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TH' "OWD FOLKS" TREAT (Over 60's Party)

In 1891 some members of Mere Brow Primitive Methodist Church "suggested how nice it would be "if the old folk " met together for tea and to renew friendships". It certainly was a "nice" idea and every year since then the party has been enjoyed by the older members of our village.

The "Rules" of 15th December, 1891 state - "That we go singing to raise the funds". Carol singers went round every Christmas (from 7.00 p.m. - 12.00 P.M.) to raise the money to pay for the "Treat". More recently, we have raised the money from various events held at the Chapel - a "Cream Tea" perhaps, or a jumble sale.
Nowadays the party is held in March. Everyone living in Mere Brow who is over 60 years of age is invited and, also, any members of the Church who no longer live in the village.
The guests enjoy a pleasant meal, followed by some entertainment in the evening.

Almost 100 years ago a conversation was held in a little cottage in Mere Brow by three men who truly cared for their community and friends. That conversation resulted in an event where everybody taking Aint
part has a sense of sharing in something which our forefathers loved and enjoyed. It is a continuing story of a caring Society at Mere Brow Methodist Church.

"Or those who have improved life by the knowledge they have found out, and those
who have made themselves remembered by some for their services: round the brows of all these is worn a snow-white band." Virgil 70-19 B.C.

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