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Earth Floors to Fitted Carpets
Mere Brow Local History Society - August 1990
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T'TAY DAY (Walking Day)

This event takes place in June each year. It is a "Procession of Witness" by the Mere Brow Methodist Church, Holmes Methodist Church, Mere Brow Church of England Mission and representatives of Our Lady's Roman Catholic Church at Tarleton.

The procession is led by a brass band and the Sunday School banner is carried by members of the Sunday Schools represented. Decorated floats carry the children who are too young to walk round and some of our older members have now decided to ride rather than walk.

T'tay Day c 1925

Nowadays, the procession sets off from Huntapac premises in Holmes, follows Blackgate Lane towards Mere Brow along Mere Brow Lane and turns left into Marshes Lane. It continues up Marshes Lane as far as "Woodend", turns round there and heads back to Ascroft's corner (top o't Broo'), turning left into The Gravel and then left again into Tabby Nook where the procession halts on the Green for a short open-air service in front of the "old folks" bungalows. The procession reassembles and proceeds to Tabby Nook end and goes left into the Gravel as far as the school where it turns round and comes back to Bank Farm (top o't Broo'). Weather permitting, a service is held on the lawns of Bank Farm.

Previously, t'Tay Day was held on a Saturday. It followed a similar route and arrived back at Sunday School for tea. After tea, the band assembled on the "Tea Party" field in Tabby Nook and everyone made their way down there to listen to the band and watch the children taking part in the sports and games.

Some older residents can remember walking without a brass band. The members of the procession and hymns as they walked and would stop in front of any house where the occupant was sick or elderly.

Walking Day c 1970

Whether we are walking in the procession or watching the procession go by, there is a feeling of sharing in a very old and great tradition.

Witnessing for the Church, reassuring the village community of the caring role of the Church, reaffirming the unchanging message of the Church - that is "Tay Day".

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